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Give your users new guarantees, provable ownership and renewed confidence.

Open Kits

Kits are purpose built APIs for using The OAN for a pre-defined usecases.

Open Economy

Easily create assets for your users, on a public network. Enable your users to transfer and trade these assets for value, with other Open Apps in The OAN ecosystem.

Open Economy

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Open Economy

Open Funding is a proposed kit with a set of functions for pooling and distributing shared resources on The OAN.

Open Funding
Open Economy

Open Governance is a proposed kit with a set of functions that will facilitate complicated voting and consensus mechanics between members of your application, or the greater public.

Open Governance
Open Economy

Open Identity is a proposed kit with a set of functions and patterns for the creation, verification and identification of unique users on The OAN. Once verified, these users need not reverify on other open applications.

Open Identity

Custom Kits

Want to build something completely custom, and start on a white Canvas? Check out Custom Kits.

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