Send funds from one account or contract, to another account or contract.

The receiver account can only be an account or a Java contract address that is deployed on Aion. nAmp is used as the unit to display decimals. 1 Aion = 10^18 nAmp. Insufficient balance in the contract will cause a Failed_Exception. Once AION is transferred into the smart contract, they will be locked in the contract unless there are functions to transfer them to other accounts.

package aion;

import avm.Address;
import avm.Blockchain;
import avm.Result;
import org.aion.avm.tooling.abi.Callable;

import java.math.BigInteger;

public class SendAionToken {

    // Create an empty address for the owner.
    private static Address owner;

    static {
        // Set the owner as the account that deployed the contract.
        owner = Blockchain.getCaller();

    // Transfer AION from the contract address to the address listed in the "to" variable.
    public static void transferAion(Address to, byte[] value) {
        onlyOwner();, new BigInteger(value), new byte[0], Blockchain.getRemainingEnergy());

    // Get the token from the contract as the contract's owner.
    public static void retrieveToken(byte[] value) {
        onlyOwner();, new BigInteger(value), new byte[0], Blockchain.getRemainingEnergy());

    //Destroys this contract and refund all balance to the beneficiary address.
    public static void destroyTheContract(Address beneficiary){
    // Only Owner modifier.
    private static void onlyOwner() {