A faucet is a way for a developer to get free coins or tokens to test their applications on a test-network. This is because deploying an application on a blockchain network requires funds. These funds are then taken and distributed to the network so that they can process your request. Faucets are generally free to use so often require some kind of authentication to deter abuse.


The only thing you need is an Aion account on the Testnet (Amity) network.


  1. Navigate to faucets.blockxlabs.com/aion in your browser.
  2. Select Amity from the Blockchain Network dropdown.
  3. Enter you public address into Wallet/Public Address.
  4. Check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy checkbox.
  5. Check the I’m not a robot checkbox.
  6. Click Press to pour.


You can request 10 AION every 24 hours per address. If you need more than 10 AION in a 24 hour period, create another Aion address and request tokens to that account, then transfer them to your main wallet.

The test faucet is maintained by BlockX Labs and was commissioned by a grant from the Aion Foundation.